October 8, 2009

372549196_0fabe83dfc_oSo I’ve decided that as I work on giving my blog a facelift, it wouldn’t make sense not to invest in a better camera so that I can offer better quality photos.  Of course, the photo I’m sharing today is not a new SLR camera but it spoke to me and my cousin Stephanie – a great photographer –  loves old cameras so this one is for her! Well, I’m on my way to do some in person research on my big purchase. This weekend I’m headed to the Taste of Georgetown and I’ll be using my sweeties SLR to see how I like it. I’ll post some pictures on Monday so you can see the difference in quality.


Fanciful Pumpkins…

October 5, 2009


I spent part of my Sunday looking for white pumpkins which was pretty easy, I found them at my local Whole Foods. I was even lucky enough to benefit from a store error. The pumkins were priced at 79 cents each, instead of 79 cents per pound.  While the customer service manager wasn’t so pleased, I ended up getting white pumpkins and several gourds for less than 20 dollars. Not bad considering I stayed in the city to do my shopping.  Now I’m trying to decide if I should do a motif carving.  The only problem is once you cut them, eventually they do begin to smell. I like these ideas both found at Country Living. I think I”m leaning toward the first, I’d like to try my hand at some fancy carving.


October 1, 2009

I’m working on a blog redesign and will be moving my blog soon. Will keep you posted.

Design I love…

October 1, 2009



So it’s natural that as the weather gets colder we focus more on houseld projects. I found this picture and post over at brooklynlimestone where she created this great guest room for less than $700. I especially like the color of the walls and the bedding.  A peak at the price breakdown has inspired to take a trip to my local Walmart and JC Penny this weekend.  Wish me luck on some great finds!