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Ghost Chairs

December 21, 2007
I am so in love with these Ghost chairs for a modern wedding, I can think of so many possibilites. They also come in black
and white – the wheels are a turning! You can rent them at Ghost Chair Rentals and other party rental companies. 

More cakes…

December 21, 2007


And for those who aren’t so keen on the do-it-yourself thing.  Beautiful works of art like these can be made in just about every major and even in not so major cities. One of my cake designers is Nina of Truli Confectionary Arts in Philadelphia; simply gorgeous cakes.

Do-it-Yourself Cakes

December 20, 2007


Imagine how special it would be to have your wedding or shower cake made by a good friend or family member? A pretty tall order for sure, so in the spirit of trying new things and putting my money where my mouth is; I’m going to make one of these cakes over the holiday break. The recipe for the cake is from MS and I ordered the transfer sheets from American Chocolate Designs.

I’ll be sure to take and post pictures so you can see the end result. I can’t very well go posting pictures and ideas without a true appreciation for the work, creativity and attention to detail that goes behind these wonderful creations. This should be interesting and fun.


Angel Sanchez Wedding Gowns

December 19, 2007