Cultivating Beauty from Within


I recently had a conversation with some friends, and in joking, one mentioned that, even though she’s not engaged she would consider buying her wedding dress now since one can never be too prepared. Well, while I’m not sure if I agree with that ( I mean isn’t half the fun shopping for the dress?), I do think one of the nicest things any hopeful girl or bride-to-be can do is to start a good beauty regimen. Looking your best is certainly a good way to make sure you’re perfect for any event and not a bad way to attract Mr. Right any day!

Since beauty starts from within for the next week I’m going to focus on the small things we can all do to make sure we look our best starting from the inside-out. So today I want to focus on stress relief, as we all know stress is a top aging factor.  One of the best ways to combat stress aside from daily techniques like meditation is an occasional massage or a great facial. So I have to mention my favorite spa which is the old stand-by with the most fantastic treatments, the one and the only Bliss Spa. The best thing is you can order and pick up products for do it at home care at many upscale beauty stores if you can’t make it to one of the Bliss locations. If you can make it to the spa for a facial try something a refining fruit acid wash which will bring your skin back to life or the hot off the stresses massage complete with warm essential Lavender, Bergamot, and Sage oils, to fight off fatigue, exhaustion, and descending energy, topped off  by a warm wax foot softening pack…now that’s Bliss!


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