Beauty from Within: How to Feed a Beautiful Soul


The old saying you are what you eat couldn’t be more true. I encourage everyone to participate in mindful eating and educate yourself about the benefits of eating well. Many people believe watching calories, carbs, sodium intake, etc. is what makes for mindful and healthy eating but I completly believe that sharing bountiful meals is one of life’s simplest pleasures and I believe in enjoying good food, good wine and fabulous desserts; all in moderation of course. Food nutures our bodies, our spirits and most importantly our souls and after all what makes a woman more beautiful and appealing than her soul? I do fancy myself a foodie so I encourage everyone to embrace the foods of our culture and to explore and try the wonderful foods of other cultures as well.

I love cookbooks from Edna Lewis,  her books The Gift of Southern Cooking and The Taste of Country Cooking are as much personal memoirs as collections of recipes. They contain wonderful histories of Southern food and reflections on rural life. Her books are full of tips acquired from a lifetime of cooking. In 1948, when female chefs were few and black female chefs were even fewer, Edna opened her own restaurant with John Nicholson, an antiques dealer and bohemian with a taste for high society. Café Nicholson on East 57th Street in Manhattan was a huge success. Known as the Grande Dame of Southern Cooking Edna’s pioneering ideas on fresh foods and seasonality predate the American culinary revolution. Now girls, that is beauty from within.


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