Dîner pour deux

Now, as I’ve mentioned before I believe in eating and eating well.  So if you aren’t planning on going out to a restaurant for dinner, there is nothing more romantic or special then staying in and sharing a meal that has been lovingly made with the best (and since it is Valentine’s Day) and most decadent ingredients! So for a Valentine’s Day menu I suggest starting with a lobster, avocado and grapefruit salad,  for the entree try a porcini-crusted filet mignon with herb butter and a side of red wine truffle risotto, all recipes found on Epicurious. and remember to keep your portions small (being overstuffed is so NOT sexy). For dessert chocolate fondue with fresh fruit is fun and sexy. Of course, champagne is a must so a nice choice is Veuve Clicquot or try mixing it up and creating a champagne cocktail like the Sweet Cheeks.Have fun and keep it clean…well that’s not really the point right, so I’ll just say don’t hurt nobody! 


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