SuperChef Marcus Samuelsson


Sorry I’ve been gone for a few days, I was off traveling for work.

Superchef Marcus Samuelsson has opened Merkato 55, according to Daily Candy…

The space features African themes (animals, mud huts, colonial maps) and some surprises (proverbs carved into tabletops, poems sculpted into steel). Samuelsson treats Africa like one big supermarket, picking ingredients from all over and inventing new dishes. Try kidogo (“small bits” in Swahili) like coriander chutney or shrimp chili sambal, followed by merguez with corn pap, oysters with harissa mignonette, or jerk pork belly with radish and mango.

As an aside I recently tried pork belly on a recent trip to Atlanta and while there is a lot of fat, the meat is so tender and flavorful, definitely worth a try. I love it the whole menu. I’m headed to New York next month and I’ll report back then! And I suppose it wouldn’t be too bad if he happened to be there when I go. He’s not too hard on the eyes…


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