Georgetown Cupcake

mosaic8ff07b034a1f04ab2201b60fa68559a0be9dcac0Sorry I’ve been gone so long but work has me so busy these days. Ok, so I took my own advice and have had the most wonderful time over the past week. I’ve had cupcakes from Cake Love, Bake and Wired and today I hit up the new Georgetown Cupcake.  So, even though I do tend to like a denser cupcake with a buttercream frosting, Georgetown Cupcake wins my vote for best in DC. The cupakes are pretty, tasty and come in so many flavors. Today I had chocolate and vanilla, lemon blossom and red velvet that were packaged in the cutest hot pink box. They are perfect for any occassion. The flavor of each was very distinct and the frosting (a cream cheese style) is perfect – not too heavy and not too sweet. Finally – a cupake spot in DC. I guess better late than never!


One Response to “Georgetown Cupcake”

  1. lachaine Says:

    I just drove down today from Bethesda after a doctor’s visit with my sick wife who wanted something sweet at Georgetown Cupcake. When I arrived at noon, the door was closed, with a note that said knock if you called ahead. A woman came up and knocked and the owner opened the door. I inquired as to the status and she said we are closed now — even though the posted time on the wall said they should be open. I said this is the second time I have come here and you were out of product or now this time closed. She said and I quote, “We don’t care”. I asked her again if she means she doesn’t care that customers are inconvenienced and to please repeat what she said and she repeated herself verbatim. That will be my last visit. Mean people suck and what she has is no Magnolia or Crumbs by a long shot.

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