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Update: Rachel by Rachel Roy

September 15, 2009

I posted this entry back in 2008, I have been following the career of Rachel Roy since she launched her line and as I mentioned in my earlier post, her clothes are beautiful but they are on the higher end. As many of you may have heard she now has a new more affordable line Rachel available at Macy’s. While the pieces are pretty youth oriented it’s received great reviews so far. I think the pieces would be great for mix and match with higher end pieces. I’ve checked and the line isn’t at a Macy’s near me yet but I’ve got my eye out for it. On a personal note, I really like the image she’s crafted for herself. She comes across as a modern gracious, warm and stylish. She’s a mother of two beautiful little girls as well. Nice.

So some people are born knowing how to craft a great personal style and some people have to develop it. In my case, it’s an ongoing process. While I’ve always had pretty sophisticated and classic tastes – perhaps it’s the old soul within – I’m always developing my style into something very personal and unique. Another way of looking at it is my personal theme! One of my favorite designers is Rachel Roy. I love her style and her designs. Rachel also embodies all the tips for beauty; she’s gracious with a great smile, ambitious and creative. While her line is definitely in the higher price range, her style is pretty easy to emulate.


Little Dresses for Africa…

September 10, 2009


I’m over the moon excited about the opportunity to be involved in Little Dresses for Africa. I’ll be hosting an event in the next few months and will be excited to share details and pictures.

{photo credits: Ashley Ann Photography}

Beauty from Within: Authenticity…

August 19, 2009


So I started my blog back in 2007 and really haven’t shared it with anyone. I guess mostly because I felt like it didn’t have a focus and it still doesn’t. I could have followed a cookie cutter approach like lots of other event, design or lifestyle blogs but it didn’t feel right, not quite like me. Really, I was born to plan events, ironically enough that’s what my father did and it’s what I’ve done since I was 11. I’d quietly work and watch as grand and extravagant life events were planned. Today, events and all that go with them have become a business and sometimes I wonder where is the soul. Every once in awhile I come across a blog or Web site for someone that speaks to me. You can see the feeling and love in their work, mainly through the complexity and attention to detail. So as I go on this journey to figure out exactly what my creative niche is and how I’ll be defined, I’ll be sharing lots of thoughts and ideas. The one thing that I always hope stays constant is my authenticity. I’m real, warm, sensitive and I’m intuitive. I’ve fallen down and I’ve gotten back up. In the process I hope I’ve become stronger, kinder and more graceful. My biggest hope is that my work is a reflection of that. So for today I’m posting these killer shoes that I found over at They just made me smile. Well, here’s to the journey and what I create along the way!

Re-Post: Beauty from Within: Feeding a Beautiful Soul

July 28, 2009


In the mood to share one of my favorite posts, it appeared back in 2008…

The old saying you are what you eat couldn’t be more true. I encourage everyone to participate in mindful eating and educate yourself about the benefits of eating well. Many people believe watching calories, carbs, sodium intake, etc. is what makes for mindful and healthy eating but I completly believe that sharing bountiful meals is one of life’s simplest pleasures and I believe in enjoying good food, good wine and fabulous desserts; all in moderation of course. Food nutures our bodies, our spirits and most importantly our souls and after all what makes a woman more beautiful and appealing than her soul? I do fancy myself a foodie so I encourage everyone to embrace the foods of our culture and to explore and try the wonderful foods of other cultures as well.

I love cookbooks from Edna Lewis,  her books The Gift of Southern Cooking and The Taste of Country Cooking are as much personal memoirs as collections of recipes. They contain wonderful histories of Southern food and reflections on rural life. Her books are full of tips acquired from a lifetime of cooking. In 1948, when female chefs were few and black female chefs were even fewer, Edna opened her own restaurant with John Nicholson, an antiques dealer and bohemian with a taste for high society. Café Nicholson on East 57th Street in Manhattan was a huge success. Known as the Grande Dame of Southern Cooking Edna’s pioneering ideas on fresh foods and seasonality predate the American culinary revolution.

Now, that is beauty from within.